Prices as at May 2020
Rug wash & reproof £18.75
Rug wash £8.50
Neck cover wash/wash & reproof £2.15
Coolers, fleeces, sheets  £6.75
Repairs of cleaned, dry items from £4.50
Numnahs/saddlecloths £3 (1-3 items); £2 (4 or more items)
Boots £2 per pair
White numnahs/saddlecloths/boots are washed separately unless advised otherwise.
We also launder pet bedding, overalls, sleeping bags, fishing coats, awnings and large items which cannot be washed in a domestic machine.  Phone for further details.
Collection and delivery service available throughout Cumbria and south west Scotland ... please ask for details


We reserve the right to alter prices as our own costs change